2500 gallon tank is in, just need rain…

Although my small blue tanks were a great start to my “rainwater harvesting career,” its just like anything else: you always want more. tank poseI introduce my brand new 2500 gallon rainwater harvesting tank. I’m not going to try to get into how I put this whole operation together (mostly because I’m not sure I have done it perfect yet).

The main motivation behind finally spending the money on a significantly sized rainwater harvesting tank was mostly due to the amount of rebates that New Braunfels Utility (NBU) is/was offering. They normally offer $.50 per gallon up to 500 gallons in rebates for rainwater harvesting. BUT, between mid May and mid June 2012, they offered an astounding $1.00 per gallon up to 500 gallons. I figured, “hey, that’s free money, time to pull the trigger on the beast tank.” With the project all said and done, I would say that the $500.00 rebate I received covered just over 1/3 of the entire project expense.

Now I really have to give a shout out to the place where I bought the tank. Tanks for Less is an outfit based in Austin, Texas who recently opened a store in New Braunfels. From my research, they are super competitive on their pricing and really seem to have a great deal of information available for us rainwater harvesting hippies. David runs the New Braunfels store and has been extremely helpful in every aspect of this build. David is always available for questions and really knows what the hell he is talking about. Long story short; if you’re thinking about building a rainwater harvesting system, call David at Tanks for Less

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