Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio Chair-ity

A few months back, a good friend of mine asked me if  I would be interested in designing a chair for an upcoming charity auction. The charity auction is put on by the Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio (RMH-SA) for an event they call Chair-ity. They have local San Antonio artist and celebrities (TV personalities, musicians, athletes and such) paint a chair, table, etc in order to auction it off to help RMH-SA continue to do the amazing work that they do in the community.

Seeing as though I am neither a local celebrity nor even really an artist, I was honored to be asked. I knew that I wanted to do more than just paint a chair – I wanted to build something awesome. But having a vision for a design verses my limitations/knowledge of building something awesome, I knew I needed help. So I turned to the one guy who I knew could figure out how to take my whacky idea and craft into something real.

For over 34 yrs, I watched this guy build, tinker, and create with the simplest of tools, materials, and ideas. I knew he was the guy that I needed as my co-artist. With that, I asked my dad if he could help me make this happen.

One thing that I’ve always respected about him is that if he didn’t know how to do something, he’d tell you up front. But I never recall that stopping him from attempting to figure something out. That is a trait that I hope I can pass to my kids too. Admit that you don’t know something, but when you are interested enough to find the solution, attack the problem until you figure it out. I personally think it makes you a much smarter, more well-rounded person in the long run.

I said dad, “I have an idea and I want your help…You in?” Though he probably wasn’t overly interested in my concept, he went above and beyond to help me make it happen. I could not be more proud of how our chair for the  RMH-SA Chair-ty auction turned out, and I there is NO WAY I could have pulled it off without my co-artist/dad.

Introducing, the Tank Rocking Chair by Joe and Sam Ward.

Tank Rocking Chair

Check out the the whole process here