Branding your kids: A lot cooler than putting their initials on everything

When my wife and I had to start taking our first son to daycare, I personally was a little overwhelmed by the amount of baby items we had to label with his initials. So the designer in me thought, “there has to be a harder, yet more creatively satisfying way to do this.” That is when I set out to create a brand for him.

His initials are OLW, BUT in monograph form they are o-W-l. That was my graphic designer eureka moment. AN OWL! Okay, perhaps I’m making too big of a deal about this. Let me just put it this way; it was really just a way to use my kid as a pawn in my creative agenda.

I had a rubber stamp made thinking it would be the most incredible way to label his individual diapers for daycare. I figured every infant in his room would be dying to accidentally get put in a pair of owl diapers. At this point I’m imagining all kinds of baby schwag for my little owl. T-shirts, backpacks, sippy cups, etc. Hell, we could set up a merch table at daycare and make a mint!

I ran into a small issue with the newly stamped owl diapers. Though baby GQ as hell, if you don’t get the right kind of stamp and your baby gets wet, the ink bleeds everywhere. The first time it happened, I had changed his diaper after he got home from daycare. It looked like he was bruised from his waist down. After almost completely melting down and charging back to his daycare to drop kick the teacher that abused my son, I realized it was in fact Daddy’s doing.

This story really has no point, nor is it some brand revelation that will be documented in the annals of design. It has been just plain fun. Oh and just about every mom that see’s my two son’s brands wants one for their kids. But alas, I don’t love their kids and they don’t seem to really love the price I’ve offered to design theirs…