Sam’s Thesis Idea 2.0

Rain water storage tanksAs I think about what I hear over and over about the need to be passionate about your thesis topic, I had to think about what, if anything, I was truly that passionate about. I am an avid cyclist (hence the bike shop idea), so I would say there is some passion there. But I have no idea how you turn that into a year or more worth of work towards a thesis.

So I dug deeper, and tried to think more about what might keep my attention and interest for that amount of time. When we were asked to share something interesting about ourselves I said that I was obsessed with coming up with the perfect rain water storage system. Then it hit me, I think that I’m pretty passionate about the environment. When running errands, I ride my bike as often as possible to help reduce emissions. I store rain water for watering plants in an effort to reduce our household usage. I keep a bucket by the shower to catch the water that would normally be wasted down the drain while it is heating up. That water makes great dog water! I have a compost pile to reduce our waste output while creating nutrient rich soil. I use a clothes line to dry my clothes because the sun is an excellent free dryer. I could go on and on.

This is my new obsession, habit, hobby, and overall way of living. A way of living I think more should more people should consider because our planet depends on it. So, does this constitute a solid thesis idea? Maybe. But, how in the hell does this idea apply to an MFA in ComDes? That I’m not sure of quite yet but I think I can get it there.