Well, here goes

So i’m in grad school working towards my M.F.A. in Communication Design at Texas State University and nearing the time where I have to begin my thesis. Problem is, I dont have a freakin clue what I want to tackle as my thesis. I have been challenged in my current class, Mobile & Social Media, to “reach out” to the world-wide web to make connections with people that could help me zero in on a solid subject. But, without any starting point, it’s kind of hard to ask you (the reader) to help.

So I’ve got some ideas, some better than others, but overall, this thesis issue is a daunting task that I want to nail. Not only do I want to nail it, but in the words of Prof. Newton, i’ve got to be “passionate” about it. Hell, if i’m going to immerse myself in the task of completing my thesis, I damn sure better be passionate about it. At any rate, i’ve got a few ideas i’m kicking around and plan on sharing them with you, the digital public, for opinions. So, stayed tuned.