Water: My new obsession

In Texas, we have been in a historic drought. Its kind of hard for someone who lives in the city to sometimes understand the impact of just what that means. After all, Ive never been one to care much about live or dead grass or plants in my yard. Being an artist, I look at it like, brown is a color too. But, for me, this years drought became a bit more real for me, and began my new obsession for water (conservation that is).

After knowing people well in the farming and ranching industry watch their losses mount due to the lack of rain and the Guadalupe river just 500 yards from my house dwindle down to a disgusting smelling swamp, it became real for me. Not to mention the equally historic wildfires all over the state of Texas. Granted, since moving in with my now fiance, I wasnt allowed to consider brown plants/grass as acceptable any longer. So naturally, I started to pay more attention to MY impact on the water shortage.

We live in a neighborhood with a lot of retirees whose only real goal in life anymore is to keep their grass green. Even if that meant sitting in a lawn chair and watering the lawn, just to get around the cities restrictions on allowed watering days. I cant even begin to imagine what some of these folks water bill was in the peak of the summer. It was troubling to me to see the water literally going down the street drain.

In June of this year, my fiance, who well call Lana (because thats her name) took me to a title=Tractor Supply href=http://www.tractorsupply.com/ target=_blankTractor Supply/a because she wanted to buy a rain water barrel. When we got to the store, the associate showed us where they were, and then I HAD to ask, excuse me maam, but does this model come with rain? The idea that Lana was buying a rain barrel at this time of year was a bit nutty in my opinion.

We bought it and from June to August, we got a total of half and inch of rain, and I think that might be a bit generous. But, that single 1/2 in shower we got filled our new 40 gallon rain barrel up so quick. And it was at that moment, when our barrel runeth over with clean rain water, that I was hooked. So that is where Water: My new obsession began. I cant wait to share my journey/experiments with whoever may be reading because its not only fascinating, but its the RIGHT THING TO DO for this planet.

First rain water barrel