The difference between a migas taco in San Antonio and Austin 

The Green Stuff
In SA, the onion, tomato and jalapeños are bought at the HEBs sometime in the last week or so and “fried” in a pan coated with yesterday’s chorizo grease.

In ATX, the locally grown produce is hand-selected by proper Pabst drinking hipsters and delivered via Uber to a trained chef (who also has a band). These staples are then sautéed to perfection in a retro skillet purchased from a vintage shop using only olive oil to achieve a light sear.

The Crunch
In SA, your Tia’s corn tortillas are chopped into strips and thrown into the greasy ass pan until they’re done.

In ATX, corn is revered due to the fact that it is gluten free. The masa is sourced from conflict-free areas of Mexico and made into tortillas with crowd-sourced labor. The masa is flattened and cut into artistic bands and gently fried in fresh skillet/oil bath until completion. The golden brown strips are then allowed to rest on an open air bed of recycled paper to allow excess oils to drain off. Continue reading “The difference between a migas taco in San Antonio and Austin “