the 411

Well since you landed here, here’s the low down on myself. I’m graphic “designer,” “artist,” “creator,” or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I’ve been in this so-called business for over 15 years. Basically,  I tell people is that I am a glorified artist that went the digital direction in the interest of earning enough money to actually eat.

With that said, I appreciate classic works of art and all, but find that people generally read way too much into styles and periods. I think that we have a tendency to make certain judgments about society based on the art of the time. Not that there isn’t SOME truth to that, but did you ever think that Picasso painted the way he did just because that’s what he felt like doing. Or, to take it a step further, perhaps it was because he sucked at drawing and realism so that was just the best he could do. With the technology these days, Picasso could have been a Graphic Designer and either been a bad ass or a big ol’ suck like the millions of others saturating this design market.

So to set myself apart I did this…. Wait, I’m still trying to figure how exactly to do that. I suppose that my goal has always been to take the most unique approach to every design problem. Sometimes that is the simplest route, and sometimes its not. I have more than one than one college degree in communication design. Will that set me apart? Doubt it, but exploring the most creative possibilities on every project and continuing to learn what works and what doesn’t (and to be horrified sometimes by what actually does work) may help me down that road.

Maybe my struggles can help, inspire, or ruin you.